Types of Events

Investigating Oklahoma’s Paranormal helps the community learn about the paranormal through different types of events. For ghost hunting enthusiasts wanting to experience the haunted, investigate haunted places with us. We offer ghost hunting tours to haunted places. If you fear your home or business may be haunted, we offer free, private investigations.

Private Investigations

If you’re experiencing weird events at your home or business and fear the place may be haunted, we will help gather evidence for you. Our group will come to your location and gather all the evidence we can. Check out our webpage for more information. Click here for more detailed information about our processes.

Public Paranormal Investigations

If you find ghosts, haunted houses and the paranormal fascinating, investigate with us for a night. Be apart of an actual paranormal investigation similar to the investigations you have seen on “Ghost Hunter” and other paranormal reality shows. Walk inside “active” places and search for ghosts or other entities inside some of the most historic places. Sit with our members as we try to get the spirits to respond without provoking. Bring your own equipment or use some of ours.

For more information, visit our public ghost hunt tour for more information.

Paranormal Classes

As a result of so many requests, IOKP plans to offer classes! Learn how to work equipment, debunk photos and audio and learn a lot more. Be watching our Facebook page for more information and learn how to investigate these haunted places. Check out this page for more information.