Public Ghost Hunting Investigations

Join Investigating Oklahoma Paranormal as we investigate some of our favorite “haunted” places. Experience ghost hunting at some of the most active, safe places around. Use some of our equipment or bring your own and see if you get responses.

These investigations typically last from three to five hours and have limited seating. We split our guests into different groups. Each group is led by a member of IOKP while another member follows each group. Each group will spend an hour at different places we know to be the most active. This gives you plenty of time to see if any shadows, ghosts or other entities are around. After an hour, we take a small break then return to another location until you’ve been given the opportunity to truly investigate every where.

These tours are at active places. This means. you may see or hear meters respond to random events, see apparitions or shadows with your own eyes, hear strange voices and all sorts of different experiences. Because such events can scare younger people badly, we do not allow children under 14 on these investigations without permission from our co-founders first. Anyone under 18 must be supervised by a parent or guardian.

Investigating Oklahoma’s Paranormal is very serious about these investigations. What you may hear, smell or see is truly happening. Any experience you have truly happened. We do not stage these events or reenact them in anyway. Any experience you have truly happened! We never stage or falsify the events that occur. Because we respect the owners of these places and the spirits as well, there are times they may decide to stay quiet.  We cannot guarantee you will experience ghosts, shadows or anything paranormal every visit. We do guarantee you will learn a lot and enjoy the locations.

While attending our investigations, we ask you follow our rules of conduct.