Public Ghost Hunting Investigations

Ghost hunt with us at some of our favorite “haunted” locations. Experience ghost hunting with us at some of the most active places around. Sit inside beautiful, historic buildings and see if ghosts, shadows or other entities reveal themselves. Spend time inside these places and listen for odd sounds, smell strange aromas and see shadows or other paranormal apparitions. Our public paranormal investigations allow you access to places we find the most active and safest that we can bring you too. Bring equipment with you or use our equipment.

At the beginning, you will be asked to check out some of our equipment if you desire. You are responsible for any equipment you check out throughout the night. Everyone is split into smaller groups. Two members of IOKP will guide each group through these incredible locations. Our ghost hunting investigations typically last from three to five hours. The entire investigation is broken into multiple, hour long sessions. We take plenty of breaks as well.

These tours are held at the most active places we are able to get permission to visit. They are spiritually active. They are not known to have evil spirits. They do not typically attach themselves to anyone. If you fear something is attaching itself, we can help assure the spirit will let go and not follow you. Occasionally, the spirits prefer keeping to themselves. You may see or hear responses through the equipment or see, smell, hear or feel responses directly. Because such events can negatively impact younger children, we do not allow children under 14 on these investigations without permission from our co-founders first. Anyone from 14 to 17, can attend but must be with a parent or guardian.

Investigating Oklahoma’s Paranormal is very serious about these investigations. We do not stage or falsify anything you experience. Since we cannot control what these spirits do, we cannot guarantee you will experience ghosts, shadows or anything paranormal. If they choose to respond or make their presence known, they will.

The owners or overseers or these locations allow us to host these public investigations. This comes from our relationship with these individuals and our reputation as a paranormal group. We want to keep these relationships strong so we can offer future investigations. We also wish to keep you safe. To do this, please make sure you review our rules and guidelines.