ABDUCTEE Someone taken away without their consent. They are usually forced to be taken away.
ABSENT HEALING A form of healing transmitted through time or space. The healer is not at the location of the person needing healing.
ACUPUNCTURE A type of healing performed by placing thin needles into various “ghost points” or places of energy in the body. The concept is acupuncture helps manipulate the flow of energy throughout the body.
AFTERLIFE Life after death.
AGENT When a person is a primary focus of paranormal activity. No matter the reason, when they are around, paranormal activity increases.
ALCHEMY A mix of nature and spiritual discipline which mixes chemicals and metals. It stems from a belief, if you can purify the levels of metals up to gold, they can sure use these concepts to impact the spirit.
ALIENS Associated to a being from another world.
ALPHA RHYTHYM The state of relaxation that can be created through electrical activity at a particular rate.
AMORPHOUS Has no particular form or shape.
ANGELS Spiritual beings with a purpose of helping others and doing positive, kind things. They are known as messengers from God. The word angel comes from the Greek word meaning “messenger”, Angelos.
ANIIMAL MUTILATION Literally animals cut up and tore up. to the point they are mutilated. Typically animal mutilations are apart of various sacrifices.
ANIMAL PSI There have been experiments performed to study psychosis in animals. These experiments were to try to identify how animals have been known to travel miles and find their way home.
ANOMALY A deviation from a common form of being or traditional rule. Something that may seem irregular but can be identified as a mass or shape or the unknown.
ANTHROPOMORPHIZE The mind has a way to group things in a way that makes people sometimes misinterpret what they see to look like something in human form when it may not be.
ARCHANGEL An angel of high rank. These angels are usually leaders of other angels. Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.
APPARITION Apparitions usually appear some type of human form and even animals visually. When a spirit manifests itself to this level, most will appear almost like a mist or foggy looking image. You are able to see through most of them. Full body apparitions can manifest themselves to the point, the human eye cannot see through them. They are known as “Holy Grail” of experiences. These are rare.
APPORT Its the paranormal transfer of an object from one place to another. We investigated a place where the maintenance person and the curator experienced this occurring with a piece of our equipment.
ASTRAL A nonphysical realm of existence.
ASTRAL BODY The ability of a mass or substance to appear away from its original human body and a second appear.
ASTRAL PROJECTION The ability to project your body through the astral place to another location.
ASTROLOGY The study of entities and human beings, existing in a general astral plane.
AURA A type of electrical magnetism that surrounds organisms.
AUTOMATISM When an entity used a pendulum style device to communicate
AUTOMATIC WRITING When an entity uses a humans hand to write or draw pictures.
BANISHING Pushing the spirits away. Sending them away.
BANSHEE An entity the form of a screaming woman to the point of waling. She is usually heard when someone is about to die.
BENIGN SPIRIT A kind spirit. usually these are not harmful or negative spirits.
BIGFOOT A giant ape-like creature that is believed to roam around the lands. In the US, he is given this name.
BILOCATION Instead of an astral body, this is being able to be in two places at one time.
BIOFEEDBACK The ability to control your body, bodily functions and other things by monitoring your brain waves.
BLACK ART Black Art is also known as Black Magic, darker side of spells, conjuring, etc. Some say also witchcraft is included in this.
BLACK MAGIC The creation of “magic”, spells, conjuring with evil intentions.
BOGEY-MAN An evil fictional supernatural character that supposedly took bad children away to an astral location
BOO BUDDY Stuffed animal with a variety of sensors which let paranormal investigators know when the temperature changed or if it was touched.
BRAINWASHING The ability to control a person’s mind through manipulative ways. These ways can be torture, drugs or some other means of manipulation.
CEREBRAL ANOXIA Lack of Oxygen to the brain. This can cause Hallucinations and Sensory Distortion. This is also believed to be the reason for “near death experiences”.
CHANCE Random, unexpected or unpredicted event.
CHANNELING Channeling occurs when someone connects to an entity and are able to communicate messages.
CHARM A spell possessing persuasive powers.
CHI Your life force or energy.
CHUPACABRA A creature believed to wonder primarily in Central America, South America and parts of Southern U.S. It is known to be a goat killer and the few sightings reported also have reported it kills cats and other smaller animals. It is known to suck the blood out of these animals. Some report it is four to five feet tall. It is believed to have large claws and red eyes. Eventually this changed to a coyote/wolf type of being.
CLAIRAUDIENCE Being able to hear voices, sounds etc from the paranormal entities and collect evidence from it
CLAIRCOGNIZANT A intuitive sense of just knowing. It isn’t something coming from intellect and calculations. This is a natural gift of just knowing what will happen.
CLAIRSENTIENCE Natural gift of sensing emotions and feelings of people, animals, spirits around the person that has the gift.
CLAIRVOYANCE Being able to perceive things in the future without going into a trance state.
CLEANSING Cleansings are done to help remove unwanted entities from a location. There are a variety of cleansings and beliefs about them. Cleansings are done in a variety of religions. Usually someone will walk through the location and perform a blessing throughout the location and through their rituals, they will force the unwanted spirits away. Some people believe strongly about their particular religion and their cleansing ritual will work for every encounter. Others believe, unwanted spirits may not leave and the wrong ritual cleansing can actually provoke the spirit stirring it up and angering it.
CLEARING Clearing the spirits out of a location.
COINCIDENCE Two events occurring which could be related to one another but the connection between the two is not common.
COLD READING Readings done without any prior knowledge of the location or person. When investigating, we will sometimes not give any information to some members to let them see what they pick up without any knowledge.
COLD SPOTS An area uniquely colder then the area that surrounds it. This area can be very large or very small. Many times, these cold spots can make a human’s hairs stand up on arms and legs and cause goosebumps.
COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS An overall collection of unconscious thought shared by all humans.
COMMUNICATION Any type of communication received by an entity. This can be through a person or a device.
COMMUNICATOR When an entity speaks to a device or through a person. Sometimes they will communicate through other senses as well.
CONJURE Manipulating things through trickery to stir up paranormal activity.
CONSTRUCT The belief that through directed energies, a person can create a responsive spirited energy to the point, it can live independently. There is debate on this.
CONTINUANCE Continuance is the transition of life from where we are to life after death.
CORRELATION When two different events occur and they are related.
COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS The peaceful feeling one receives when one realizes the universe is one whole.
COVEN A group of wiccans.
CRISIS APPARITION Usually a family relative or friend that visits upon their death. This usually occurs one time.
CROP CIRCLES Circular style designs created in corn fields. Believed to be created by aliens. Even though many have admitted to creating similar circular designs, there are some that remain a mystery.
CRYPTOZOOLOGY The study of legendary mythical creatures like Bigfoot, Abracadabra and Loch Ness
CRYSTAL These are different types of solid masses of an almost glass looking matter which can offer energy. Many of these type of crystals are used for a variety of things for spiritual reasons.
CYCLOMANCY A form of divination based on spinning an object and deriving predictions or conclusions from the object’s final resting direction
DACTYLOMANCY Divination by various methods using rings
DAIMON OR DAEMON A guardian spirit. Usually guardian spirits will offer advice to you.
DEATHBED PHENOMENA When someone is passing away and they recognize people who have passed on.
DEJA VU When you are experience something that seems familiar to you but you may have never gone through this before.
DELTA Any kind of anomalous experience
DEMATERIALIZATION When a spirit presents itself, it materializes. When it fades, it dematerializes.
DEMON An evil spirit or devil, especially one capable of possessing a person or act as a tormentor.
DEMONIC When someone spiritual appears and it is pure evil.
DEPORT Being able to move an object from a secured place to another location.
DIRECT VOICE A voice heard in the air but it didn’t come from any human there. This is usually during séances.
DISEMBODDIED VOICE A voice heard or recorded and it is not attached to a human.
DISPLACEMENT The moving of something from its original location.
DIVINATION Practice of seeking the future through paranormal means.
DIVINING ROD The tools used for dowsing.
DOPPLEGANGER Doubles of living people which may appear as apparitions
DOWSING Tactic used to help detect ghosts. They are held lightly in the hand. The rod will sway left and right when something is detected. This also is a tactic used to find water and minerals as well.
DREAM COMMUNICATION Communicating with another while dreaming.
DREAM TELEPATHY Communicating telepathically while sleeping.
DROP-IN COMMUNICATOR An unknown spirit that visits a sitter during a seance and no one knows them. They will still communicate sometimes,
DRUID In history, Druids were known as Bards and also known as teachers, counselors, philosophers in Celtic history. Druids are now followers of the Druid Philosophy.
DVP DIRECT VOICE PHENOMENON Direct Voice Phenomena is when a direct disembodied voice is heard. This term usually associates to voices heard directly outside a medium.
ECSTASY Altered state of mind where a person feels ecstasy.
ECTOPLASM A thick liquid substance which supposedly oozes from mediums during their trance states. There are debates regarding this. Early in the 1900s, this had been debunked in many cases but it remains in debate if it truly happens.
EEG (ELECTRO-ENCAPHALOGRAPHY) This tests the brain waves. You may have seen this device by having metal discs places on the brain.
ELEMENTAL Spirits that have never been human. They typically have emotional feelings. They are usually found at sacred locations and are known to protect those places.
EMF Electromagnetic Field: A force of electrical and magnetic components which create an electrical current. This is one of the most pivotal parts of paranormal science or research. You usually will see paranormal investigators carrying equipment to help detect energy currents and find currents that are recognized as irregular.
EMPATH Someone who senses spirits emotionally.
ENCHANT Putting someone under a charm spell.
ENTITY An entity is something that exists in itself or by itself. Even though you may sense them in some way and they may interact with tangible objects or beings on this earth. Entities include ghosts, shadows, mists and other beings that really cannot be proven or defined.
ESP (Extrasensory Perception) Extrasensory Perception. Information gathered from a paranormal status using the mind. This is known as sixth sense.
EVOCATION The calling or summoning of spirits by rituals or spells.
EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) One of the most collected evidence of paranormal. These are voices collected on recorders. The human ear does not hear particular frequencies. By recording, you will collect those frequencies and you can hear them there occasionally.
EXORCISM Removing an evil spirit, demon or other spirit from an organism, object or a particular location. The process involves a religious ritual which helps remove the possessive spirit.
EXTRATERRESTRIALS From outside the earth.
EXTRADIMENSIONAL When something occurs outside the dimension we are on.
FAIRY Small spirits in human appearance are magical and typically known for trickery. They are known to lead people astray getting them lost in woods.
FAITH HEALING Healing primarily done through prayer or faith in some form.
FALSE AWAKENING Have you ever had a dream you woke up from and thought you were awake but you were actually still sleeping? That is False Awakening
FARADAY CAGE Its a cage designed to keep EMF inside the cage or keep it from entering the cage.
FLYING SAUCER Device described as the flying vessels extraterrestrials use.
FORTUNE TELLING The use of different means whether cards, palms, or psychic skills to predict the future.
GEOMANCY Throwing dust, rocks or other areas into the air and reading the patterns once they have hit the ground.
GHOST A disembodied spirit of someone who passed away.
GHOST BOX Also known as a Spirit Box. This device scans AM frequencies and FM frequencies for the purpose of hearing a spirit’s voice. This is very controversial because it picks up words from radio stations randomly..
GHOST HUNTER Also known as a paranormal investigator specializing in ghosts. These people seek to prove paranormal and ghosts exist.
GHOST LIGHT Also known as willow o wisp. Usually these spirits are seeing blinking in the middle of the darkness.
GLOSSOLALIA Speaking in a language that is unidentified almost a rambling of sorts. It is also termed tongues. This usually occurs when someone is in a trance like state.
GUARDIAN ANGEL A type of angel designed to guard or protect one or more persons.
GUIDE A guardian angel who assists on a person’s spiritual journey.
HALLUCINATION Sensations that appear real but are actually created by your mind and aren’t there whether paranormal or real.
HARBINGER The spirit messenger who usually provides a message about the future. Example would be good: Harbinger of death.
HAUNT The place an entity may appear or “reside”.
HAUNTED The events the entity may do at the location it has appeared.
HEALER Someone that can perform healing through paranormal means.
HEX A curse placed on someone by someone from the darker arts.
HOT SPOT Where most of the activity is centrally located.
HUNA Hawaiian religious practice.
IMPRINT Spirits will sometimes leave an imprint in dust or other things. Overholser Mansion has had footprints appear in the bathtub.
INCUBUS Type of dark spirit or demon, who lies with sleeping women in hopes to have sex with them.
INFESTATION Infestation is typically used to describe a massive amount of insects or animals all at one place. Paranormal refers to spirits in the same way. Portals can cause a spiritual infestation.
INFLUENCE Having an impact on something or someone. The mind can perceive something from another easily in the paranormal community.
INTELLIGENT HAUNT Anytime a spirit seems to do something random and there isn’t a pattern, the spirits are believed to be intelligent. They are able to respond to questions, move objects, etc.
K-II Meter This meter is one that became popular with paranormal groups. When an electro-magnetic wave is sensed, the meter will light up. Spirits have used these to respond to our questions.
KARMA The belief that every person will be rewarded or punished in this life or after death for their actions.
LENS FLARE When a bright light shines into the camera or reflects off something then shines into the camera, it causes a flare. This is mistaken for spirits many times.
LEPKE An apparition so real in presence, people will have conversations with it then it will randomly disappear.
LEVITATION Raising or suspending a person or object in air.
LEY LINES Points of energy connecting naturally together into lines that make geographical patterns.
LILITH In Greek scripture and throughout a variety of religious history, It is believed Lilith was in original scripture as the first woman before Eve In Greek, Lilian refers to Succubus.
LORE A group of people with knowledge and traditions on a particular subject. Usually this knowledge and traditions are also passed from one person to another.
LUCID DREAMING: CONTROL DREAMING Being able to control the dream. Some people can experience nightmares and upon realizing this, they can change the dream
LUCIFER Another word for Satan.
LUMINOUS PHENOMENA Lights and Colored Orbs which can be generated from psychic energies or from other phenomena like Earthquakes.
LYCANTHROPY The transformation of a human into a wolf.
MAGIC Creating assistance through spells or other means to control or persuade events.
MANIFESTATION When a spirit presents itself in partial or full form that a person can see them.
MATERIALIZATION When something just appears whether organism or object.
MATRIXING Recognizing patterns even in meaningless data. The data has no logical pattern.
MEDICINE WOMAN/MEDICINE MAN Depending on the religion or belief, other terms known are Witch Doctor, Shaman or other type of healer. This is more related to Native Americans.
MEDITATION A practice used for a variety of things. Meditation is known to help channel energies to practice transitioning into an altered state of consciousness. It is designed to benefit the person performing the meditation.
MEDIUM A person who serves as a liaison between spirits and human beings.
METAPHYSICS The study about the purpose of life, transition from life to after life and the natural transition of the soul, spirit and body.
MIRACLE Something divine occurs which cannot be described rationally.
MIST A visual mass looking truly like a mist but the form moves as one mass. It is believed to be a part of a ghost’s manifestation.
MOON MADNESS The idea that the moon impacts the sanity of people in general. When there is full moon, it is believed there are more crazy people.
NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE You have probably heard of situations where people came close to death and even were diagnosed as dead and left their physical bodies. These type of situations are called Near Death Experiences. You transition outside of your body.
NECROMANCY Some have termed this to be when someone communicates with the dead. Actually, necromancy is summoning the spirit of a dead person for that purpose of knowing the future.
NEXUS A series of connections linking two things.
NIGHT TERRORS Disruption of sleep by something worse than nightmares. These dreams are significantly worse than nightmares. Some people will find themselves trapped in the dream with no way out and have go through the night terror until they somehow wake up.
OCCULT Secretive study of some form of supernatural.
OMEN A type of sign that foretells the future. Some receive these from guardian spirits or from other means.
OPPRESSION STAGE BEFORE POSSESSION This is the second stage of a possession. Oppression is the strategy of a spirit to make the target decrease its desire to live. This will include sleep deprivation, physical impact, mental impact and psychological impact. The spirit will do what ever it takes to scare the target.
ORACLE A priest or priestess acting as a medium through whom advice or prophecy was sought from the gods in classical antiquity.
ORB A circular type of light. They are tough to identify because they are the size of dust and insects. They usually have their own light. They will travel in any direction or path contradiction the direction of dust. They sometimes change speeds and rarely change directions as fast as insects would. Orbs also can be in different colors including black orbs.
OUIJA BOARDS Very dangerous. You will usually find them with letters, numbers and the option of “Yes” and “No”. They are used by some to communicate to spirits. The problem is, these devices actually open a portal between dimensions and have been known to be the root of demonic encounters.
OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCES Very similar to Astral Projection. This is usually when a person feels their body floating above their actual body.
PAGAN A religious belief or philosophy. Some affiliate this belief to witchcraft and sometimes classified as non-Christian in its beliefs.
PARANORMAL Something not scientifically logical. It defies scientific theories.
PARAPSYCHOLOGY The study of psychology associated to the paranormal.
PAREIDOLIA Seeing patterns in random circumstances
PENTACLE/PENTAGRAM Dowsing tool used to answer questions with spirits.
PHANTASM A type of apparition
PHENOMENON A fact or situation that is observed to exist or happen, especially one whose cause or explanation is in question.
PHYSICAL MANIPULATION The ability for a spirit to physically manipulate a tangible object.
POLTERGEIST A noisy ghost that is capable of moving objects, attacking people and other negative situations.
PORTAL A hole like a door or window that allows different spirits enter and exit
POSSESSED When a spirit enters a living body and takes over the body
PRECOGNITION Foreknowledge of an event especially of a paranormal kind.
PRIMARY READINGS Primary readings are performed during investigations at the beginning and also before any medium sessions.
PSYCHIC Relating to the ability and phenomena that is unexplainable by natural laws
PSYCHOKINESIS (P.K.) Having the ability to affect something with your mind without touching it.
PSYCH Mentally preparing for task or occasion.
PSYCHOMETRY Being able to collect information about a someone or something through the touch of objects.
RECIPIENT The person usually receiving a message or receiving paranormal experiences
REINCARNATION The teaching that after death, the soul is held at a particular place then enters another body. This body is believed by some to enter another human body. Some religions believe it can enter different organisms.
RESIDUAL HAUNT Usually these events are recorded by the surrounds and like a DVR, plays back events, sounds, smells and other things over and over. It is like watching a movie. Usually these types of haunts have a pattern.
REVENANT Ghost or corpse brought back to life to haunt the living.
SATAN Defined as an angel that rebelled against God’s instruction. He selfishly wanted control of the world. Some religions classify Satan as Jesus brother.
SEANCE When a group tries to hold a session in hopes to communicate with the dead.
SHADOW PEOPLE They are dark masses usually hidden in dark areas. Many times, shadow people are seen because their mass is darker then the dark they are hiding in. Shadow people are believed by many to be negative. It is believed shadow people actually are souls without a body to live in. They have no body but are intelligent.
SHAMAN This name is traditionally used in Asia as a healer or individual who has access to good and evil spirits and can help contribute to the world through this access.
SIGN OF THE CROSS The sign of the cross is a gesture performed during prayer. You will see a person touch their forehead, then bring their finger or more to their chest, then the front of their left shoulder and then the right straight across. It is a gesture to symbolize Jesus Christ’s victory over death and is used to ward off evil.
SLEEP PARALYSIS Feeling like you are awake but not being able to move.
SORCERY The ability to create spells, curses etc. Usually sorcerers are affiliated to dark magic.
SOUL A spiritual part of a person and some believe animals too.
SPIRIT The soul. It is a nonphysical part of a person.
SPIRIT RESCUE The process to help rescue spirits from being lost. Usually these spirits are spirits that have yet to transition into the proper dimension after death.
SPIRITUALISM A religious practice focusing on the after life.
SPUNKIES Will-o-the-Wisp. This is a term used in Scotland.
STIGMATA Spontaneous marks on a person’s body representative of the wound from Jesus crucifixion
SUCCUBUS Female evil spirit that tries to have sex with sleeping men.
SUPERNATURAL That which exists and is above the normal.
SYNCHRONICITY When a variety of events happen simultaneously but they all have no recognizable connection.
TALISMAN A ring or stone that is usually known to have good luck
TELEKENESIS The ability to move objects without physical touch.
TELEPATHY The ability of communicating without the typical senses normally used.
TIME-DISPLACEMENT New forms of activity take over older forms.
UFO Unidentified Flying Object
VAMPIRE An undead person who sucks the blood of humans and lives nocturnally.
VOODOO A dark religion primarily in Haiti which involves using a doll to place curses and spells on individuals.
VORTEX The perfect example of this is the Bermuda Triangle. It is a place where several ships or planes have gotten lost inside a particular mass area. This is known as an energy vortex.
WARLOCK Man who practices witchcraft or sorcery
WEREWOLF A person who transitions from human to wolf form. This is also known as Lycanthropy
WICCA Usually known as a form of paganism.
WITCH A woman supposedly having magic powers. Legendary stereotype is a woman with powers wearing a black hat and flying on brooms.
WRAITH A ghost like image that appears after death.
YAWEH The word for God in Jewish and Christian religions.
YETI A Bigfoot type of creature believed to be in the Himalayan Mountains. Some know it as the Abominable Snowman.
ZARCANOR A malevolent spirit who usually attacks people in their sleep causing bruises, scratches and nightmares.
ZEPHYR Spirit manifesting as the Western Wind.
ZOMBIE A corpse raised from death primarily Haitian origin. This spirit is treated as a slave mentally.