If you fear your home or business may be haunted or experiencing paranormal activity, we are ready to help. We know what it’s like hearing or seeing things you cannot explain. You try to rationalize what you experience but there is no logical explanation. Investigating Oklahoma’s Paranormal will help identify what you are experiencing and verify if it is truly paranormal.

We believe most paranormal experiences can be demystified. During our investigations, our focus is to prove the normal before proving the paranormal. We gather as much evidence as possible to help identify the cause of the event. We filter through the data, scrutinize any possible evidence we collect and present the evidence to you. If we find what is causing the situation, we will reveal this to you during our

Our private investigations are free! You should not have to pay for a paranormal group to investigate your place. We make our money through our public ghost tours. Those funds go to repairing current equipment and getting new equipment as well.

IOKP believes in:

  • Background Screened Members: All of our members are screened. When we enter your home or business, you can rest assured of our backgrounds.
  • Free Private Investigations:  Investigating Oklahoma Paranormal does not charge to investigate your home or business. Ghost hunting is something we do all the time. You should not have to pay for something we do all the time.
  • Confidentiality: All evidence collected at your home or business is strictly confidential unless you desire otherwise. We never share any evidence outside of our paranormal group without your permission.
  • Professionalism and Sincerity: Some paranormal groups will build their reputation up by claiming a place to have demons or evil spirits. Any evidence collected is filtered through our members to assure you receive quality evidence. We cannot guarantee we will collect evidence. But we will not claim that to investigate your location again.
  • No Ouija Boards or Seances: We will never hold seances or use devices that will open portals allowing spirits into your location.
  • No Provoking: We respect the spirits and treat them like the people they could be. We will not cause them to stir more. If they do, we will help stop the activity. If we cannot resolve the activity, we will contact people with stronger skills and talents.