We ask you follow these rules when investigating with us.

  1. Before going through any investigations, we ask you sign a waiver.
  2. No open toe shoes of any kind.
  3. No children under 14 are allowed unless permitted by one of our co-founders. Anyone under 18 must be supervised by a parent or guardian.
  4. If you are new to these investigations, we always start the night with a introduction. Please make sure you are there for this presentation.
  5. Do not provoke the spirits. Do not intentionally do something to upset the spirits.
  6. If you check out our equipment during an investigation, you are responsible for that item. Please make sure to return it at the end of the tour. Please do not drop the equipment and be careful with it.
  7. Respect others in the group. Try not to do anything that would disrupt the investigation.
  8. Try your best not to whisper. This is a tough one to remember. If you do, say “Audio” out loud. This way anyone recording will know the voice isn’t a spirit.
  9. Do not walk away from the group or wander off.
  10. Do not throw items or try to mislead the group. We have had people join us on our investigations and drop coins to make it sound like something was around. Please do not do this.
  11. People are usually recording these investigations including ourselves. If you make any noise, please say “audio”.
  12. Please understand, ghost hunting is like fishing. Occasionally, the spirits prefer staying to themselves. There are times, we collect no evidence.
  13. If one of the members tells your group it is time to leave, it is time to leave.