Four Horsemen The four horsemen come from Revelations 6:2. The White Horse is a symbol of the antiChrist. He is a false prophet and will conquer all who oppose him. The rider will wear a crown and carry a bow. The Red Horse appears at the break of the second seal. Peace will be removed and people will begin attacking each other.  The third horse is the black horse. This horse is the sign of famine and starvation throughout the world. The rider held scales The fourth horse is called “Death” and is a pale colored horse. Riding behind him will be Hades.
Adjule Canine land dwelling creature believed to live in the Sahara Desert.
Agogwe Human shaped land-dwelling cryptid reported to only 3 feet tall. This cryptid also has long arms, yellowish-red skin
Akkorokamui This cryptid is known to reach lengths of 360 feet and looks giant a octopus or squid. It lives near Japan and Thailand.
Almas Ape land dwelling cryptid located in China and Mongolia.
Altamaha-ha This water dwelling cryptid is known to live in small streams and looks like a Lochness Monster.It is reported to live in Georgia
Am Fear Liath Mòr This “Big Grey Man” has been seeen in recent times. Witnesses have claimed him to be 10 feet tall. He has short hair. He supposedly haunts the Carrigons in Scotland. He has been reported and people have taken pictures of footprints and heard someone making them as well.
Amomongo This land dwelling cryptid looks like a monkey but has long nails. It is believed to be in the Phillippines
Andean wolf Wolf land dwelling cryptis lives in the Andes
Angels Gaurdians/Messengers from the other side. The term is affiliated to more religious connotations. God created different levels of angels. Archangels are known as the most powerful angels. A number of them tell their names in the Bible. Angels appear in human form. These angels are the farthest in communication with God and usually are the ones that protect individuals (gaurdians).
Apparitions Usually associated to the visual appearance of a ghost. The person witnessing an apparition will see them while awake. These entities can present themselves in full, human form to the point they are mistaken as someone truly present.  Sometimes they appear slightly transparent. They speak of love for Christ, God and encourage people to know God better.
Archangels Archangels are heaven’s most powerful angels. These angels were the first created by God. Most everyone who believes in Archangels agree to these names which include Michael, Raphael (peacemaker and healer), Gabriel (Messenger and helper of writers), Jophiel (beauty of God), Ariel (protector of Earth), Azrael (angel of death), Chamuel (reduces negative energies and vibrating, love), and Lucifer. Many believe there are other archangels as well. These angels are apart of the Third Sphere.
Ayia Napa sea monster This water dwelling cryptid is known for removing fishing nets and has been seen in serpent form almost in a Medusa type of look. It has a serpent body, human face with six snake like shapes on its head and the heads of those snakes look like a dog. It is located in Cyprus.
Barmanou Ape land dwelling cryptid which walks on two legs and is known to live in Pakistan
Batutut These cryptids are also known as tree people or forest people. They are reported to live in Vietnam, Laos and Borneo
Bear Lake Monster This water dwelling Cryptid looks like a serpent with legs 18 inches long used to stroll the shores. The creature’s body is known to be as big as 30 feet.
Beaman Ape land dwelling cryptid reported to be in Missouri.
Beast of Bladenboro Vampire Cryptid in the shape of a dog located in North Carolina.
Beast of Bodmin Large Felid land dwelling creature from England recgnized to be a wildcat. This crytpid lives in England.
Beast of Bray Road Wisconsin Werewolf
Beast of Dartmoor Lion-pig cryptid In England
Beast of Dean Moose-pig cryptid thought to be wild boar which lived in England
Beast of Exmoor Big cat cryptid reported to be the reason farmer lost almost 100 sheep in a short period of time. This beast is in England and known to go for the throat.
Beast of Gévaudan Canine land dwelling cryptid believe to have caused hundreds of dceath of farm animals.
Bergman’s bear God Bear known for doing something similar to the beasts listed above
Bessie A snake-like water dwelling cryptid as long as 9 to 12 meters and a foot in diameter. Location is in Lake Erie.
Bigfoot Cryptid
Black-Eyed Kids This Paranormal Urban Legend has been around since the mid-1990s. The story began through a reporter claiming kids were found with solid black eyes. These stories have never been proven to be real.
Black Shuck Black Ghost Dog Cryptid known to live in England.
Bownessie This water-dwelling, pike shaped cryptid is known to inhabit Lake Windemere in England.
Brosno Dragon This water-dwelling crypid is known to inhabit a lake in Western Russia. It is repoted to look like a dragon.
Brownies A nocturnal spirit known to perform chores and tasks. They would help families out in return for food. But don’t call the gift payment. The original background of these come from England and Scotland. In England, they are known as house spirits. In Scotland, they would work in nature. They are usually known as nocturnal because they don’t like to be seen.
Bukit Timah Monkey Man Forest Dwelling Primate wakling on hind legs.
Bunyip This water-dwelling cryptid has a dog-like face, a crocodile-like head, dark horse tail, flippers. Tusks and a bill. It is located in Australia
Burmese gray wild dog Gray Dhole Land Dwelling Crytpid  Found near Burma.
Buru This water-dwelling cryptid looks like a lungfish. At a certain point, tribes in India emptied the Lake where these Buru were. Some call alligators and crocodiles Burus as well.
Cadborosaurus This water-dwelling cryptid looks like a lizard and is believed to live in the Pacific Ocean near the US.
Canvey Island Monster This water-dwelling cryptid is described as being 76 cm (2.4 ft) long with thick reddish brown skin, bulging eyes, gills, hind legs with horshoe shaped feet used for locomotion but no forelimbs
Champ This water-dwelling cryptid is known to be 20 feet long and seen in Lake Champlain. It  has a serpent body and horse like head.
Cherubim These angels are probably the second closest to God. They have four heads, human, Ox, Lion and an Eagle and four wings covered with eyes. Their body is a lion’s body with oxen feet.
Chessie This aquatic cryptid is known to be in Chesapeake Bay and is similar to Loch Ness Monster (Nessy)
Chickcharney These flying Cryptids are shaped in the form of owls. They habitat Jamaica
Chuchunya Known as the Siberian Snowman stands up to 7 feet tall with matted fur. These land-dwelling cryptid look like humans.
Chupacabra This creature has been known in spanish speaking countries. Supposedly, the first sightings were in the 90s in Puerto Rico. Since that time, these goat sucking vampire type of creatures have been seen in Texas. As these mysterical beasts have been seen, the description of them moved from two legged creatures to more of a wild type of dog. So far, the bones of supposed Chupacrabra turned out to be bones from coyotes, dogs and other similar species. Almost every creature identified as possible Chupacabra seem to also be hairless.
Crisis Apparitions Apparitions that appear to loved ones when near death or right after death. Many times, these apparitions appear anywhere from just before death to 24 hours after death. Many times, they will visit to give an important message before transcending.
Cryptids Mystical type of creatures that are believed to roam the earth or perhaps roamed the earth.
Deathbed Visions When people are near death, they will see past relatives, angels or other entities
Demons These spirits are dark and known as an agent of evil. These spirits were angels that followed Satan (Lucifer) to hell. Their goal is to go against God’s will. They will possess people. Many people have described the smell of sulphur, raw meat and the smell of death when demons are around. These spirits have amazing power. They have been known to possess people, buildings, animals and more. They try inhabitating humans. They won’t appear human. They also fear God. If Jesus or God commands them to do something, they have to do it.
Devas Celestial beings discussed primarily in Hindu and Buddhism.  There are different groups of Devas, one group oversees the natural elements, another group handles morality. They are shapeshifts and able to present themselves. Some are able to fly.
Devil Bird This flying Cryptid is known for having extremely loud shrieking and an omen for death.  It is known to live in Sri Lanka
Dewey Lake Monster This Cryptid Is also known as the Michigan Bigfoot. It averages between 9 feet tall and 10 feet tall and was spotted starting in the early 1960’s.
Dingonek This water-dwelling Cryptid is known to swim in the rivers throughout Kenya. It is reportedf to have a shape like a walrus but its spotted like a leopard with claws and a large head.
Djinn These are invisible beings discussed in Muslim religion. They can be good or bad. Some are known to posses people similar to demons in the Christian and Western world culture. The Djinn are not humans but some can shapeshift.
Dobhar-chú This water-dwelling cryptid looks like a giant otter but also described as partial dog. It has been reported to live in Ireland.
Dominions These angels manage the work of lower level angels. They are the translators/liaisons between the first level of angels and the lower level angels. Dominion provide messenges on behalf of the high level angels. These angels are known to look like beautiful humans with a single pair of wings.
Dopplegangers These entities will duplicate a live, human being.  Some believe they do this visually. Some believe they can do this via audio as well. We have heard mimicked voices before.
Dover Demon This land dwelling cryptid is legendary in Dover and has been sited by people in more recent times (1970s). This four legged creature has a shape similar to a moose in body. But the head is a little awkward without any type of antlers at all. It also has no real head. It was spotted in Dover, Delaware.
Ebu Gogo These small human cryptids are 1.5 meters tall. They are more folklore if anything but the people who have seen them report seeing them into modern time. They have wide, flat noses, a large mouth and hairy bodies as well.The Ebo Gogo were known for kidnapping children of the people around them.
Ectoplasm Usually, this will look like netting or cloth hanging off a ghost or other types of substances.
Effrit The most powerful genies (Jinn).
Elementals These spirits do not originally come from human form even though they act very similar to ghosts.  They are considered spirits of nature.
Enfield Monster This land-dwelling cryptid was believed to possibly be a kangaroo but, some who have seen it claim it is a three-legged, two armed creature with two arms but is not a kangaroo. Some have also reported it to look more apelike. This creature was reported in Illiinois.
Ennedi tiger This Sabretooth looking cryptid has been seen in different places in Africa. They are up to 12 feet long and have no tail. They parallel the look of the old Sabretooth Tiger. The body and paws are said to be a redding color.
Faeries These human looking creatures, angelic creatures or troll looking creatures who fly around. Some believe these beings are mischievous and playful. Some believe these spirits are positive in nature.
Fiskerton Phantom Phantom Cat/Bear. This land cryptic was reported not too long ago. It is four feet tall and jet black like a panther. This animal has been sited and footprints also were found. This creature was last reported in England.
Flying rod These cryptids are known as signs of alien life forms. These have been seen at Fort Reno.
Fouke Monster Boggy Creek Monster, Primate land dweller. It is believed it attacked a family. It has been sited in Arkansas.
Gambo In 1983, a 15 foot carcass was discovered. Pictures were not taken but sketches were made. It was reported the carcass was destroyed by a tribe. This creature is dolphin like with a brown top and white bottom. The head was measured to be 4 ft. 6 inches long. The dolphin beak was 2.5 feet long.
Garou Loup Garou, Cajun werewolf. This werewolf has also been spotted in Canada as well. This cryptid is a shape shifter and believed to be a cursed human.
Gazeka Land-dweller cryptid known as a large Tapir or what is termed a “Devil Pig”.  This creature has been reported to live in New Guinea.
Ghost Deer Large white Deer like cryptid.
Ghosts This is the most common entity. Ghosts are believed to be people who have passed or have returned for some reason. They may have chosen to stay on earth or return back to earth for what ever reason. Many people consider these to be spirits.
Ghoul These entities are known as ghost type of beings who are negative in purpose. They are known for robbing graves and feeding on dead bodies.
Giant anaconda Megaconda: Obviously, this cryptid is a very large Anaconda found in South America.
Giglioli’s Whale This acquatic cryptid was visually witnessed for a long time and described as being 60 feet long. It also had 2 dorsal fins and sickle-shaped flippers. First reports of this beast was miles outside of Chile. Most recent sitings were near France.
Globster These water cryptids have been reported all over the world. These are blob like masses which usually have formations of tentacles, some skeletal structure or other sha[ed body parts. Most of these have been identified as whale carasses or basking shark carcasses instead.
Gloucester sea serpent This water-dwelling Cryptid was seen around Massechusetts. Most reports are a long time ago. It has been reported to look like a Sea Serpent. It was eventually identified as a snake with tumors on its back.
Gnomes Most people are familiar with gnomes because of the garden gnomes people create. These entities are legendary for protecting treasures.
Goatman This land-dwelling cryptid is also known as Chevo Man or Maryland Goat Man. He is a very tall man usually reported to have an axe. The story is a scientist ran expirements on goats and through a failed test, he ended up being mixed with a goat.
Grassman Bigfoot type of creature living in Ohio. He is supposedly 7 feet tall and 300 pounds.
Guides/Gaurdians Guides and Gaurdians have similar roles. They mediate between the spiritual dimension and the physical world.
Hakawai Nocturnal flying Cryptid that is rarely seen and is located in New Zealand.
Hellhound Large Black hound with red eyes. These land-dwelling cryptids are typically very massive and protect the entrance to hell. They also are known to hunt down lost souls.
Hibagon This is the Japenese Bigfoot.
Hodag Carnivorous Lizard Land Dweller with red eyes and sharp teeth located in Wisconsin.
Honey Island Swamp monster Possible Human type of Cryptid or Primate type of Cryptid seen in Louisiana near Honey Island. This creature looks similar to Bigfoot with long strands of hair all over.
Hoop snake Snake Cryptid, Land Dweller probably fictitious. The snakes are able to grab their tails and roll themselves to help capture their pray. These supposedly have been spotted in America and Australia.
Huay Chivo This half-man, half-beast cryptid is known to live on the Yucatan Peninsula. It can shape shift from human to goat or deer in order to hunt down its pray.
Igopogo This water-dwelling crypid has a canine looking head. The tribe near British Columbia still recognize this creature to be a God.
Iliamna Lake Monster This water-dwelling Cryptid is believed to actually be a white Sturgeon. As well, some believe this creature to be other animals. This creature is believed to roam the lake near Alaska.
Inkanyamba The Zulu tribes report this water-dwelling cryptid to be a serpent like creature in shape with a horses shaped head. Sitings are in South Africa.
Isshii This cryptid is known primarily from myth but it has been seen more recently in Japan. It supposedly is 27 feet to 30 feet long and has two humps.
Ivory-billed woodpecker This woodpecker crypid is 20 inches tall and is known to habtiat southern US and Cuba.
Jba Fofi Giant Spider, land dweller in Central Africa.
Jersey Devil Flying two-legged cryptids with hooves mostly found in New Jersey and Pennsylvania
Koolakamba This land-dwelling cryptid is a combination of chimpanzee and ape and has been seen in West Africa.
Kongamato Prehistoric bird like winged cryptid.  Located in Kenya
Kraken This water cryptid is well known in mythology.but it has been reported to live around Greenland. This squid shaped creature is believed to be just that, reaching 13 to 15 feet long.
Kting Voar Holy Goat, Snake eating cow, land dweller located in Vietnam and Cambodia
Kumi Lizard Giant Monitor Lizard, Land Dweller in New Zealand
Kusshii This is a loch ness monster shaped creature seeing in Japan.
Lagarfljót Worm This aquatic water-dwelling creature has been seen as recent as 2012. It is a worm like creature and reaches as long as 30 feet.
Lake Tianchi Monster This water dwelling cryptid is actually believed to be muliple monsters. Sitings have reported multiple monsters at one time. They look like Nessie.
Lake Van Monster This water-dwelling cryptid has been reported near Turkey and a video footage is under criticism.
Lake Worth Monster Texas Bigfoot
Lariosauro This water cryptid is believed to be an otter shaped creature. Reports of this shape vary over time but many of the sightings have been criticized to be false.
Leprechauns These small beings are known as mischievous humanoids, very small in stature. They protect pots of gold at the end of the rainbows.
Living Apparitions The living apparition typically occurs when someone projects themselves to another location.
Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp Human Form mixed with Lizard located in South Carolina
Loch Ness One of the most legendary cryptids. This serpent has been sited in Scotland over and over for a very long time.
Loveland Frog This reptilian cryptid is legendary. Multiple people reported a frog shaped creature to be standing on two legs at a height of around 4 feet tall. These reports came from Lovfeland, Ohio.
Lukwata This water dwelling cryptid is known to be 100 feet long, dolphin shaped, brown top and white belly and located in Africa
Lusca This water-dwelling cryptid is believed to be a giant octopus located in Caribbean
MacFarlane’s Bear Grizzly Type of bear-shaped cryptid located in Canada.
Maero Cannabalistic “Hominid?” , Land Dweller located in New Zealand
Mahamba This water-dwelling cryptid is believed to be a giant crocodile in the Congo.
Maltese tiger Crytpid Land Dweller, Blue Tiger in China
Mamlambo This reptile like Cryptid is believed by the Zulu to be a  goddess that travels in a serpent like shape.
Manatee of Helena These cryptids live on land and water. In water, they are manatees but on land they are seals.
Manipogo This water-dwelling sea monster is known to live in Canada. It is known to vary in length up to 50 feet long and has humps which show above water and a sheep-shaped head.
Mapinguari Crytid Land Dwelling Cryptid which looks similar to a sloth and is located in the Amazon Rainforest. It has a reddish fur. It stands as large as 7 feet tall.
Maricoxi Cryptid Monkey type of cryptid found in South America. These land-dwelling creatures were originally reported in the Jungles of South America and have been reported as hairy creatures.
Marid These are the traditional stereotype of genies. They are very powerful and strong and often affiliated with water.
Marozi Spotted Lion Crytid, Land Dweller found in Africa
Melon heads Cryptid Human Form land dweller located in Michigan, Ohio and Connecticut
Memphre This Loch Ness monster type of creatute continues to seen in Canaada.
Menehune Hawaiian Primate Cryptid, Land Dweller
Mental Projections These entities come from human thoughts. Sometimes humans will personify an object or they create an entity that intellectually thinks for themselves. Projection can occur in objects like vehicles, dolls and anything else.
Mermaids Cryptid partially in human form and fish form. The top half is a female and the bottom half looks like a fish tail. They are reported to be seen all over the world.
Merman These cryptids are the male version of mermaids.
Michigan Dogman Wolfman of Wexford County in Michigan
Milton lizard Giant Monitor Cryptid Land Dweller in Kentucky
Minhocão Big Earthworm Cryptid land dweller located in South America
Minnesota Iceman Primate Land Dwelling Crytid in Minnesota
Mists Literally these apparitions look like they sound. They will appear as a mist moving and forming out of no where. Sometimes this mist may appear in human form but not always.
Mitla Cat Cryptid Land Dwelling creature located in the Bolivian Rainforest
Mngwa Tanzania Carnivorous Land Dwelling creature located in Tazmania
Modern megalodon or giant predatory sharks This shark like Cryptid is believed to be up to 90 feet in length and seen all over the world.
Moehau New Zealand hairy primate cryptid. Land Dweller
Mogollon Monster Two Legged Primate Cryptid land dweller located in Arizona
Mokele-Mbembe This cryptid is believed to be the form of dinosaurs in the Congo.
Momo the Monster Primate Crytid land dweller located in Missouri
Mongolian death worm Worm like Land Dwelling Crypid located in the Gobi Desert in Asia
Monkey-man of Delhi Big black monkey crypid land dweller found in Old Dehli, India
Mono Grande Crytid Land Dwelling creature found in South America
Montauk Monster 4 legged cryptic land dwelling creature located in Long Island
Morag This is similar to the Loch Ness Monster.
Morgawr Sea Serpent cryptid witness in England
Mothman This 1960s winged male shaped Cryptid was reported primarily during the 1960’s. This creature has been reported all over the US but primarily in the West Virginia area.
Mountain fennec Fox Cryptid land dwelling creature located in Algeria, Chad and Sahara Desert
Muckie Loch Ness taype of cryptid which exusts ff
Muc-sheilche Similar to the legendary Loch Ness Monster (Nessie), this similar looking cryptid was seen in another loch in Scotland.
Mussie This water-dwelling cryptid is known to look similar to a Walrus and is found in Ontario, Canada. It also is known as a three-eyed beast.
Nahuelito This water-dwelling Cryptid lives in Argentina and is known to look similar to the Loch Ness monster but with a hump. Argentina feels very strongly, this creature is actually a Plesiosaur.
Nandi Bear Four legged Cryptid land dwelling creature shaped like a bear somewhat. Located in Africa
Nymphs This acquatic cryptid is well known in the British Columbia area. It has been reported so often, you will see statues showing this Sea Serpent.
Ogopogo Lake Monster Cryptid that looks like a sea serpent with a dragon-like head. This serpent was witnessed by multiple vehicles at one time.
Old Yellow Top Canadian land dwelling Cryptid located in Canada
Onza Cougar like Cryptid. Land Dwelling and supposedly located in South America
Orang-bati Bat-like or monkey like cryptid land dweller. Supposedly in Indonesia.
Orang Mawas This primate looking Cryptid is believed to be 10 feet tall. It is a land dweller and located in Malaysia
Orang Pendek A crytid land dwelling primate looking creature located in Sumatra and is similar looking at an Orangutan.
Orbs Believed to be small energies (some say ghosts) circular in shape that emit their own light. Orbs usually parallel dust and as a result are easily missed. To usually detect orbs, having multiple cameras is a good idea. These are very tough to detect. Usually these will be seen on a camera or on video. They will travel in different directions from dust, different speeds but don’t travel like an insect might.
Olitiau Gigantic Cryptid bat with a demon mask/red eyes, located in Cameroon.
Out-of-Body Manifestation Also known as astral projection. When someone leaves their body and seems to be in two places.
Owlman Very similar to Mothman, this owl/human cryptid is known to live in England..
Ozark Howler Black Howler Cryptid land dwelling creature located in Aransas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas
Panthera tigris sudanensis Crytid Panther like land dwelling creature located in Cairo, Egypt
Parasitic Entities There are a group of entities that tend to cling or attach themselves. They will drain energy from those they cling too, making them feel weak, dizzy and very tired.
Peluda Crytpid, Dragon like land dweller located in France
Phantom cat Cryptid cat like creatures located all over. Land dwellers
Phantom kangaroo Crytpid Land dweller in Austrailia.
Phaya Naga This acquaitc cryptid is believed to be an entity that somehow connects between earth and the Netherworld.  This creature was also believed to look similar to an Oarfish.
Pheonix Lights This is listed as one of the largest seen UFO sightings.Thousands reported lines of orbs flying through the skies. Kurt Russell, the famous actor, was one of the witnesses.
Pogeyan Grey cat in India. Cryptid land dweller
Poltergeists A living human serves as the “agent”. During a Poltergeist Haunting, the living agent will experience repressed and/or unexpressed deep emotions  that cause a sudden release of psychokinetic energy.  Other events would be lights flickering, objects flying through the air, the manifestation of strange substances. Chaotic, entities that cause havock. They are known for throwing objects, slamming doors and windows, stomp across floors, pound on walls, try to scare people away through physical actions and even assault the living.
Pope Lick Monster Louisville cryptid believed to be part human, goat and sheep. It is found near the Pope Lick Creek.
Poukai Large Carnivorous bird-like Cryptid is human eating and known to live in New Zealand.
Powers These angels are apart of the second sphere. These angels are sent t are seen wearing armor and carrying weapons. These angels oversee power distributed throughout the world related to politics.
Princes of Hell The princes of hell are Lucifer: Price, Mammon: greed, Asmodeus: lust, Leviathan: envy, Beelzebub: gluttony, Amon or Satan: wrath and Belphegor: sloth.
Principalities These angels are known as Princedoms or Rulers. They are apart of the Third Sphere of angels and reeceive their commands from the Dominions. These angels watch over large institutions and groups.  These angels are the furthest distance from God. So, they are able to communicate with people a lot more effectively.
Queensland tiger This Cryptid is believed to roam Queensland, Australia and is a land dwelling creature.
Reptilians Bipedial Lizard People
Residual Hauntings Typically a traumatic event or some type of paranormal imprint occured that has been recorded and will be played back repetitively over and over again. They can impact any sense. Examples of this would be Smells of lavendar or tobacco, the sound of a woman screaming every night at a certain time.
Rods/Vortexes Rods are believed to be alien in nature and truly look like long rods. Vortexes will present themselves as spiraling and funnel shaped.
Sea monsters These cryptids are traditionally known to be a variety of gigantic sea animals. They are seen all over the world.
Sea monk This cryptid is actually believed to be a monkfish, angelshark or some other animal. Originally, this monk shaped creature was believed to be seen by multiple people in the 1850s.
Selma This snake like cryptid is known to live in a lake in Norway and has been seen for centuries.  It also has a dragon looking head as well.
Seraphim These are angels with special abilities. If you listed levels of power and gifts, Archangels were the most powerful, followed by seraphims. They have six wings. Two are used for flying, two covering their feet, two covering their face. They are so powerful they can shake the ground and the foundation of any building.
Shadows or Shadow People This is a mysterious entity. They are dark figures believed to basically be a spirit without a fleshly body. Shadows are hard to see. Usually, you will see darkness get darker and move across reflections of light or peek around walls and doors. They are fast moving, known typically as evil entities with mischievous tendencies or evil intentions. They have been known to whisper in people’s ears and try to persuade them to do bad acts. They do not have definitive faces and are usually several feet high.
Sharlie Lake Monster (Sea Dragon) reported to be about 30 to 35 feet long.  It has a dragon like head, humps and its skin is similar to a dragon’s as well. It forms a shell like looking skin. It has been spotted not too long ago. This crytpid is known to live in a lake in Idaho.
Shōjō Sea Creature known to have reddish or orange looking skin very similar to an Orangutan but a sea-dwelling cryptid. This cryptid lives in Japan.
Shug Monkey Cryptid supposedly part dog and monkey located  in Europe
Shunka Warakin Cryptid land dweller partially hyena and partial wolf.
Sigbin Cat-fox like Cryptid known to suck blood. Land dwelling.  It can turn itself invisible to humans and is known to walk backwards with its head lowered. Located in the Phillippines
Sila These genies are shape shifters. They the ones you typically see standing and usually the type of attire the female Sila wear would be similar to the belly dancers. These gypsies are not seen though. They tend to meddle in affairs with the intention of helping.
Sirrush Also known as Mushrushu, this dragon like Cryptid has eagle talons, snake like tonuge and comes from old myths in Africa and Babylon area. Land Dwelling
Skookum Ape like Cryptid legendary in Washington primarily. This is a Bigfoot type of creature.
Skunk Ape This bigfoot type of creature has been seen in Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina and other states and is known by other names.
Snallygaster This Sea Dragon Cryptid has been described to have long, point beak, strong gripping and cutting claws and has an eye in the middle of its forehead. It screeches a very loud whistle sound. This cryptid creature was reported to be a hoax later.
Solid People You will hear stories from people of sightings where an apparition appeared as a solid person. They are usually dressed in period clothing, they may speak in an outdated language or may engage in odd behavior such as disappearing or not speaking when spoken too.
Sprites These supernatural beings are similar to fairies. They are found in nature. They can be good and sometimes bad.
Steller’s sea ape Sea Animal reported a long time ago in Alaska.
Storsjöodjuret This Swedish serpent shaped cryptid is legendary there. This creature has fins on its back, a dog-shaped head and has been reported to be 18 feet long.
Stronsay Beast This cryptid was classified as a Globster which was 55 feet long and came ashore in Scotland.
Sucuriju Gigante Giant Boa crytpid estimated to be at least 40 feet long and 2.5 feet thick. It has been sighted in the Amazon Rainforest.
Sylphs These are air spirits which are not mischievous. They have powerful abilities all related to air. They are known to protect people and other things when necessary and are invisible to humans.
Tahoe Tessie Lake Monster style cryptid located in Lake Tahoe
Tapire-iauara Jaguar/Tapir
Tatzelwurm Lizard-like Cryptid with cat-face and serpent body. Land dwelling creature located in the Alps
Temporal Distortion Witnesses will find themselves in another time or see manifestations from another time.
The Thrones These are the third highest class of angels. These angels have direct fellowship with Jesus.
Thunderbird This huge bird like Cryptid stems from American Indian folklore and is known to live in North America.
Tree Deities Many religions have entities known as tree people or tree detities. They are helpful beings and are commonly not seen by the human eyee.
Trinity Alps giant salamander Giant Salamander estimated to be up to 27 feet long has been reported but no proof has been gathered.
Trunko  The Margate monster is a Globster cryptid believed to possibly be a whale. It was reported to be fighting off two whales itself. This creature supposedly haunts areas near South Africa. (Whale)
Tsuchinoko This snake like Cryptid is a land dweller located in Japan.
Tsul ‘Kalu Cherokee Cryptid which looks like an ape. This land dwelling creature is located in the Western US
Tulpas These entities can be confusing. Tulpas are manifested from people. They live in your mind and communicate the same way. They are misleading. People will think they are communicating with someone in your own mind even though they were manifested and created by you.
Turtle Lake Monster Lake Monster reported to be about 18 feet long has a dog-shaped head, no dorsal fins and a pig shaped body. It has been reported to live  in Saskatchewan Canada.
UFOs Unidentified Flying Objects
Unconscious Manifestations Sometimes people are visited by entities in their sleep.
Undines These are also known as water nymphs. They are governed by the moon and typically talk to water spirits.
Urayuli These hairy, human shaped Cryptids are land dwellers known to be about 10 feet tall. They are found in Alaska.
Vampires You most likely know of the stereotypes from movies about Vampires. There are also psychic vampires. Instead of blood sucking vampires, these vampires love to drain other people’s energies.
Veo This Indonesian Cryptid looks like an Anteater in form. It eats Insects and obviously is a land dweller.
Vetala These creatures typically hunt in pairs. They usually will sleep upside-down like bats and typically  live in forests. Once they are overpowered, they are very loyal to the being that overpowered them.
Virtues These angels are also known as “The Strongholds”. These angels make sure electrons and everything are running based on the will of God. These angels are known as the most hard working angels.
Waheela These wolf-like cryptids are wolf-like creatures reported to habitat Northwest Canada, parts of Alaska and Michigan. They are also land dwellers.
Waitoreke This otter/beaver like Cryptid is reported near New Zealand.
Wampus cat This cat shaped Cryptid is known as a shape shifter and stems from the Cherokee. This land dweller is seen around Southwestern US.
Wendigo Man-eating monster and evil spirit native of the forests in the Atlantic Coast and the Great Lakes areas.
Werewolves These are also known as lycanthropes. These people  change between human form and wolf form. Werewolves are called different names, depending on their local cultures. Many people who transformed into werewolves experienced some type of bite from another werewolf or were cursed.
Wild Man of the Navidad A bigfoot type of Cryptid seen in Texas. This is a land dweller.
Wolpertinger Very similar to a Jackelope but this Cryptid is reported to be in Germany.
Yeren These primate cryptids have been reported in Western Hubei in China. These are land dwellers.
Yeti These cryptids are known as the Abominable Snowman in the Himalayas.
Yowie These Cryptids roam Australia primarily in Queensland and are land dwellers.
Zombies Zombies vary. All of them are undead people. Most of their minds are driven by a desire to eat human flesh.