IOKP (Investigating Oklahoma’s Paranormal) is a ghost hunting organization specializing in ghosts and other paranormal occurrences. Our primary goal is to help promote paranormal science and research. We help educate the curious by offering public investigations. We also help those being haunted through our private investigations as well.

As a team, we practice a high level of confidentiality and professionalism with each case. We focus on quality service and client satisfaction on every paranormal investigation we perform. IOKP takes precautions to minimize contamination and offer the highest possible results. IOKP respect the spirits we may encounter. We never try to stir activity by provoking the spirits in anyway. It is IOKP’s intention to witness and collect all types of paranormal data for scientific documentation with the most updated equipment possible. Should our ghost search cause any increased paranormal activity, we promise to provide the client with the necessary resources (examples are clergy and or cleansings/clearings), to rid their location of any unwanted activity.

IOKP offers:

  • Private Paranormal Investigations: IOKP has tons of experience investigating homes, businesses and other properties privately. We do not charge and any evidence gathered stays between you and IOKP. Check out our Private Investigation page for more information.
  • Public Ghost Hunting Investigations: Be apart of our paranormal team and experience ghost hunting for yourself. Visit inside some of the most beautiful, historic and haunted places in Oklahoma and surrounding states. Use our equipment or bring your own and see if ghosts or other entities respond. Check out our calendar or our public ghost hunting page for more information. 
  • Ghost Hunting Classes: Investigating Oklahoma’s Paranormal will be holding ghost hunting classes. These classes will teach you the methods we use. Learn how to debunk images, video and audio. Check out our link for more information. 

Investigating Oklahoma’s Paranormal is one of the largest paranormal groups in Oklahoma. Our organization consists of people from different races, religious beliefs and occupational backgrounds. This helps us make sure we gather quality evidence. Check out our webpages for more information.