Ghost Hunting Tours – Public Paranormal Investigations

Public Ghost Hunting Investigations

If ghosts and the paranormal fascinate you, join us inside some of our favorite haunted places. Explore inside buildings, every day ghost tours cannot access. Participate in a true paranormal investigation, Use some of our equipment and see if the meters light up or if you get reactions from questions you ask. Bring your own equipment if you desire. These haunted tours give you the best ghost searching experiences in the safest locations.

Investigating Oklahoma Paranormal only allows tours through the safest places with activity. We have investigated these places numerous times and always make sure a location is safe for our guests to visit. We have never had a spirit attach itself to any guests on any tours. We do have gifted people to help anyone who feels that may occur.

IOKP is very serious about all of our investigations. What you experience with us truly happens. The equipment we use is not rigged. Our members will not falsify evidence, mislead you or treat these tours like an amusement park. We believe in evaluating any evidence gained and debunking that evidence if possible.

We get permission from owners to guide you through amazing historical places we have deemed haunted and have ghosts or other type of entities. On our ghost tour, you may hear actual sounds, possibly see actual apparitions, see doors shut and/or open and even see responses on our equipment.

Because these locations places are active, we allow people over 16 unless permitted by one of our founders. We also require the following:

  1. No provoking.
  2. “Audio”
  3. “Flash”
  4. Do not whisper
  5. Check in/Check Out our equipment.
  6. Recorder recommended along with some type of camera (cell phones are good.