Ghost Equipment – We Use


To help us prove ghosts and other paranormal entities exist, we use the following ghost hunting equipment. You will find a review of equipment we have used in the past and present on this list. Should you desire any of this equipment, feel free to visit Ghoststop for your overall ghost equipment or Paranologies for Jeromy’s products including the 360 Parascope and a variety of incredible products.

Name Description Picture Rating
Ghost Radio Ghost Radio is an amazing app for cell phones which gathers words and speaks back those words through different voices. We have used this on almost every investigation we run through.Geopad App: This cell phone app has been used to communicate to spirits successfully. We have been able to gather information about individuals through the app.
Cell Phone Cameras Motion Sensor:>Pictures go a long way. Need an inexpensive camera? Record video or take pictures with your cell phone. We have caught a lot of amazing pictures with cell phones.
Iovillus Motion Sensor:>This is an app used on cell phones and also a device that picks up words in the atmosphere. That is a bad summary. It does a decent job picking up words to help communicate with spirits.
Spirit Box This device scans radio frequencies. We believe spirits will use these type of devices to help communicate by grabbing words from the scanner. Some of these devices actually scan radio frequencies backward. When you hear a word, it will stand out a lot more.
Motion Sensor Ghost hunting groups have used these devices to ask yes questions. Other ghost hunting groups use these to track directions spirits may be moving.
Flashlight Common device used for walking around the dark. I doubt we need to explain the importance of a flashlight.
Mini-portal This device was originally created by Steve Huff with Huff Paranormal. This device combines a lot of different items. It allows spirits to “communicate” using words randomly collected from various radio frequencies.
Kinect If you’ve played with facial recognition on your X-box, you have played with the Kinect. Paranormal investigators have used these to detect spirits.
K2 Meters and other EMF devices These meters measure Electro-magnetic frequencies. There are actually a variety of different types of EMF meters. Some have multi-functional use. We use the K2 Meter to help detect high electric frequencies and also have asked spirits to light the devices as a way to respond to our yes and no questions
Digital Audio Recorders: Most evidence collected during investigations is audio, called EVP. The human ear only picks up a particular number of frequencies. Recorders are able to playback the audio at a frequency the human ear can detect.>
DVR system and Surveillance Cameras We connect a variety of cameras with a DVR, Digital Video Recorder. This allows us a chance to monitor live events and later, review the same investigation. We currently have 6 cameras but plan to adding a few more in the near future. The cameras automatically switch to infrared when lights are turned off.
Jeff our BooBuddy This bear is available on Ghostop’s website and helps with a combination of questions. Anytime the weather increases or decreases 2 degrees, the bear will make a comment about the room getting colder or warmer. It also has over 40 random questions including questions when it is touched as well.