Private Ghost Hunting Procedures:

  1. Before we begin any paranormal investigation, the owner of the haunted location must approve our investigation.
  2. An appointed IOKP representative schedules a date to preview the location.
  3. Depending on the findings, the representative may schedule a full paranormal investigation with the IOKP team.
  4. IOKP previews the location an hour before setting up the equipment.
  5. The necessary equipment is setup.
  6. A break before actual investigation occurs.
  7. IOKP syncs all video and audio recorders and splits our teams into small groups of two or three.
  8. Each small group investigates different locations for an allotted time. These teams will rotate through the designated locations and will try to gather any evidence possible.
  9. IOKP finishes the investigation and disassembles all the equipment.
  10. The team listens to recorded audio and reviews recorded video for any possible evidence.