Biographies of Members


DEE (Founder)

CO-FOUNDER: Dee was born and raised in Texas. She moved to Oklahoma with her family in 2005. Since then, Dee has been working in the paranormal field helping those who have activity while helping find answers to the question, “is there more than just us here?”

Loren (Founder)

We respect his desire not to release information.

Kathi (Case Manager)

Kathi was born in St. Paul, Minnesota and moved to Oklahoma in her late 20’s. She always loved ghost stories as a child. This led her into studying ghosts, haunted places and other paranormal research. Kathi started investigating in 2010. She has been with IOKP for four years and wants to advance the science of the paranormal and prove spirits walk amongst us.

Christine (Honorary Member)

Christine plays an important part of the group. She remains in touch with us and helps review evidence. When she is back in town, she helps investigate as well.

MANDY (Marketing and Public Relations Manager)

We respect her desire not to release information.

Jason “Jeep” (Tech Manager)

Jason goes by “Jeep”. Born in New Orleans, Jeep grew up in Norman, Oklahoma but lived all over the Southern States. His paranormal experiences started as a child. His Christian Faith started around the same time. Two different churches ordained him in the ministry. He served as Youth Pastor for years and now helps the team by monitoring surveillance cameras, reviewing video and audio, leading public ghost hunting tours and private investigations.

Steve (Team Member)

As team member to IOKP since 2018, Steve has always had a fascination with the unknown, unusual and unexplained phenomenon out of the norm. From the nighttime apparition visitations as a young child, memories of past lives (which the connections weren’t made until much later in life), and always having empathic abilities, Steve’s connection to other’s energy and nature has always been apart of his life. As an IOKP team member his goal is to validate other’s experiences in the paranormal, bring an understanding of the paranormal to others, and as a Lightworker, create and spread positive energy to others in need.

Dana (Interim Member)

We respect her desire not to release her information.