ghost hunting investigations

Investigating Oklahoma’s Paranormal offers two different types of events. We offer public ghost tours and private investigations. If you are fascinated with ghosts and “the unknown”, our public ghost investigations . IOKP offers the public ghost hunting tours allow you the opportunity to investigate the paranormal in safe, active locations. Our private investigations are for members only. We receive several requests from individuals, asking we investigate their homes and businesses. These ghost hunts are strictly confidential and designed to help those requesting our assistance.


If you are fascinated with ghosts and the unknown, join us one of our public ghost hunts. Throughout the year, Investigating Oklahoma’s Paranormal offers the opportunity to investigate some of our favorite places with us. Spend time sitting in some of the most historic places around. Learn to ask questions. See if any spirits respond by lighting the meters up in your hand.  Explore inside some of the most amazing locations. Bring equipment with you and see what you may find or check out some of our equipment. Sit with us throughout some of the most amazing placess and learn how we investigate.

Our investigations are safe. Due to the dramatization of movies and some ghost hunting reality shows, many people fear ghosts will attach themselves. We have investigated these places several times and have never had any spirits attach themselves to anyone. Should that ever happen, we have members that will help make sure this doesn’t happen. Please visit our Public Ghost Tours webpage for more information.

For more information, visit our public ghost hunt tour for more information.

Visit our calendar for our public investigations. 


Have you come across strange sounds at your house or business you cannot explain? Do you fear you may be losing your mind want someone to confirm what you are sensing? IOKP loves hunting for ghosts and helping others. We do not charge for these investigations and handle them professionally. We respect your privacy and never discuss anything about the investigation with anyone outside our team.

When are not performing Public ghost tours or private investigations, our team tries to investigate well known places by ourselves. This gives us a chance to perfect our equipment, gain more evidence about a location and work together as a team.

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