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We know contacting a paranormal group is not easy. Investigating Oklahoma’s Paranormal understands the kind of stress and ridicule unexplained events can create at your home or business. It is our primary goal to help those in need, experiencing undetermined circumstances, such as spirits, ghosts, hauntings, and or other “worldly” entities.

IOKP has several years of experience specializing in unexplained paranormal occurrences and hauntings. We practice a high level of confidentiality and professionalism with each case. It is IOKP’s intention to witness and collect all types of paranormal data for scientific documentation with the latest equipment.

As a team, we are focused on high quality service, and the client's satisfaction. IOKP never charges for a private investigation. However we do conduct fund-raising events, as well as host a variety of public investigations that help cover our expenses for equipment, batteries, and location rental fees.

Investigating Oklahoma’s Paranormal


Dee (Founder)
Dee was born and raised in Texas. She moved to Oklahoma with her family in 2005. Since then, Dee has been working in the paranormal field helping those who have activity while helping find answers to the question, “is there more than just us here?”

Loren (Founder)
We respect his desire not to release information.

Kathi (Team Lead and Business Admin)
Kathi was born in St. Paul, Minnesota and moved to Oklahoma in her late 20’s. She always loved ghost stories as a child. This led her into studying ghosts, haunted places and other paranormal research. Kathi started investigating in 2010. She has been with IOKP since 2012 and wants to advance the science of the paranormal and prove spirits walk amongst us.

Christine (Paranormal Investigator)
Christine was born and raised about 30 miles from Gettysburg, PA. It was pretty much a for sure thing she would be drawn to the paranormal while traipsing around the battlefields as a child. Christine joined IOKP in 2016 and is back after a brief hiatus in sunny Florida.

Mandy (Paranormal Investigator, Marketing and PR)
Born and raised in Oklahoma, Mandy grew up with a love of history and an inquisitive, curious nature. Her interest in exploring things unknown grew from personal experiences dating back to her very early childhood where she quickly realized she noticed things that others around her were unaware of. As an adult, her intrigue grew and she began to investigate. In 2015 Mandy met and joined IOKP. She was overjoyed to find others who shared her interest and pursued investigations with integrity and fun. As an empath and investigator, Mandy enjoys helping others learn and not be frightened by what they experience but can’t explain.

Dana (Paranormal Investigator and Merchandise Procurement)
As a team member of IOKP since 2019, Dana has always had a fascination with the unseen, unknown, and unexplained. Feeling alone as a child in the living world, Dana felt there was always “something” with her, although she couldn’t see or talk to it directly. Working with crystals, oils, and positive energy, Dana’s empathic abilities allow her to communicate with spirit’s energy so that the living have a better understanding that they’re not alone. As an IOKP member, her goal is to validate other’s experiences in the paranormal, help them to understand the paranormal, and to spread positive energy to an otherwise criticized world.

Jason "Jeep" (Tech Manager)
Jason goes by “Jeep”. Born in New Orleans, Jeep grew up in Norman, Oklahoma but lived all over the Southern States. His paranormal experiences started as a child. His Christian Faith started around the same time. Two different churches ordained him in the ministry. He served as Youth Pastor for years and now helps the team by monitoring surveillance cameras, reviewing video and audio, leading public ghost hunting tours and private investigations. Jason has taken a step back for the moment to focus on his own personal goals and ambitions in life, but still remains an active member of the group.

Steve (Honorary Member)
As team member to IOKP since 2018, Steve has always had a fascination with the unknown, unusual and unexplained phenomenon out of the norm. From the nighttime apparition visitations as a young child, memories of past lives (which the connections weren’t made until much later in life), and always having empathic abilities, Steve’s connection to other’s energy and nature has always been apart of his life. As an IOKP team member his goal is to validate other’s experiences in the paranormal, bring an understanding of the paranormal to others, and as a Lightworker, create and spread positive energy to others in need. Steve has taken a break to spend more time with his family and to pursue his own personal goals and ambitions in life.

Investigating Oklahoma’s Paranormal


Overholser Mansion ($45/per person)
April 23, April 24, May 7, May 8

Overholser is open for business! We have FOUR new dates for investigations!

All investigations will start at 7pm sharp. We will have a 45 minute refresher on the equipment, go over rules and restrictions, breaks and tours, and conclude at about 10:45pm.

We will be following the strict COVID rules that Preservation Oklahoma has set into place in order to make this happen. Guests are limited to 10 per night, so tickets will go fast. We will be taking temperatures at the door. And we will be following social distance guidelines as best we can. The mansion is large, so we will be asking that the group you came with stick together and distance yourself from other groups you are unfamiliar with. Depending on how many guests we have for any given night, we may split up into 2 groups and they're will be no guarantee we can keep your group together, but we will try our best. Masks will be mandatory!

If you present with a fever or visibly ill, you will be asked to leave for the safety of the rest of the group.

Investigating Oklahoma’s Paranormal

Paranormal 101

Primary readings are performed during investigations at the beginning and also before any medium sessions.

Mentally preparing for task or occasion.

relating to the ability and phenomena that is inexplainable by natural laws

Having the ability to affect something with your mind without touching it.

Being able to collect information about a someone or something through the touch of objects.

The person usually receiving a message or receiving paranormal experiences

The teaching that after death, the soul is held at a particular place then enters another body. This body is believed by some to enter another human body. Some religions believe it can enter different organisms.

Usually these events are recorded by the surrounds and like a DVR, plays back events, sounds, smells and other things over and over. It is like watching a movie. Usually these types of haunts have a pattern.

Ghost or corpse brought back to life to haunt the living.

Defined as an angel that rebelled against God’s instruction. He selfishly wanted control of the world. Some religions classify Satan as Jesus’s brother.

An event held by a group of people hoping to communicate with the dead.

They are dark masses usually hidden in dark areas. Many times, shadow people are seen because their mass is darker then the dark they are hiding in. Shadow people are believed by many to be negative. It is believed shadow people actually are souls without a body to live in. They have no physical body but are intelligent.

This name is traditionally used in Asia as a healer or individual who has access to good and evil spirits and can help contribute to the world through this access.

The sign of the cross is a gesture performed during prayer. You will see a person touch their forehead, then bring their finger or more to their chest, then the front of their left shoulder and then the right straight across. It is a gesture to symbolize Jesus Christ’s victory over death and is used to ward off evil.

Feeling like you are awake but not being able to move.

The ability to create spells, curses etc. Usually sorcerers are affiliated to dark magic.

A spiritual part of a person and some believe animals too.

The soul. It is a nonphysical part of a person.

The process to help rescue spirits from being lost. Usually these spirits are spirits that have yet to transition into the proper dimension after death.

A religious practice focusing on the after life.

Also known as Will-o’-the-wisps. These sprite-like creatures carry whisps of light. This is a term used in Scotland.

Spontaneous marks on a person’s body representative of the wound from Jesus’s crucifixion

Female evil spirit that tries to have sex with sleeping men.

That which exists and is above the normal.

When a variety of events happen simulaneously but they all have no recognizable connection.

A ring or stone that is usually known to have good luck

The ability to move objects without physical touch.

The ability of communicating without the typical senses normally used.

New forms of activity take over older forms.

Unidentified Flying Object

Deceased beings who continue to roam like they remain alive.

An undead person who sucks the blood of humans and lives nocturnally.

A dark religion primarily in Haiti which involves using a doll to place curses and spells on individuals.

The perfect example of this is the Bermuda Triangle. It is a place where several ships or planes have gotten lost inside a particular mass area. This is known as an energy vortex.

Man who practices witchcraft or sorcery

A person who transitions from human to wolf form. This is also known as Lycanthropy

Usually known as a form of paganism.

A woman supposedly having magic powers. Legendary stereotype is a woman with powers wearing a black hat and flying on brooms.

A ghost like image that appears after death.

The word for God in Jewish and Christian religions.

A Bigfoot type of creature believed to be in the Himalayan Mountains. Some know it as the Abominable Snowman.

A malevolent spirit who usually attacks people in their sleep causing bruises, scratches and nightmares.

Spirit manifesting as the Western Wind.

A corpse raised from death primarily Haitian origin. This spirit is treated as a slave mentally.

Investigating Oklahoma’s Paranormal

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Investigating Oklahoma’s Paranormal

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